Great opportunities to earn from home with database management company like CAI

Database management is one of the growing industries in India. With the number of people growing each day, their needs are also increasing, which is why it becomes important that we have collaborated database to cater to their needs. 

With the coming up of companies like Connecting all India, the dynamics of ‘workplace’ are changing. Such companies offer excellent opportunities to work from home, and earn decent amount of money.
Today’s trend is more about flexibility and adaptability,which makes every student and as well as homemaker an efficient contributor to the economy. CAI, being an emerging database management company, gives opportunity to all. What’s interesting is that, all you need is a good Internet connection and some basic tool knowledge to get going.
Generation of leads makes earning with CAI an easy opportunity, you must accept with ‘arms wide open’. All you have to do is share contacts with the company on regular basis, and get paid Rs 300-500 per contact.
Here is how it works: the memberships are divided in to 3 categories, namely Basic Membership, Plus Membership and Platinum Membership.

Each having the following requirements:
In Basic Membership plan, an employee is given a target of one lead generation per day, i.e., 30 leads in a span of 30 days (1 month). The pay rate in this plan is 300 per lead, and the total income generation is Rs 9,000 per month. The plan also offers an additional Rs 300 for every lead that joins CAI in its work.
Plus Membership plan offers a pay rate of Rs 400 per lead generated. In this membership module, you are given are target of two leads a day, i.e., 60 leads a month, and the total income amounts to Rs 24,000. The plan also offers an additional benefit of Rs 400 for every successful conversion.
The best in the lot, Platinum Membership offers you an amount of Rs 500 per lead generation, the modules target is three leads a day, making it 90 in a month. Your total incomes increases to a whopping Rs 45,000 and you get an additional benefit from CAI of Rs 500 per successful conversion.
Clearly, this new way to work from home with Connecting all India (CAI), is a smart way to earn money.


  1. i want to go with basic plan. Could you please explain more?

  2. Very informative blog for those who like to do work from home. This company CAI looks like providing very different and easy jobs to people. Moreover I feel that the earnings in these jobs will also be great for people to make good amount of money. Sounds great!

  3. It’s the only job where I can blast my heavy metal songs and work like raging demon spawned from the innermost chambers of hell. Guess what, I get paid for headbanging ahahahahahaha


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